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To start a website, perform a Domain Search above with No Obligation, to determine if your intended URL is available. Alternate and Premium choices will be displayed for consideration, and all prices are listed.
Also, to start a website, be sure to get the correct region/country code
(TLD), for the specific market area or local listing you desire.
Italy = .it            India = .in           Spain = .es
Canada = .ca     USA = .us          Germany = .de

Japan = .jp        Mexico = .mx      Europe = .eu
How to Start a Website;
For a PODCAST, any TLD is OK to use, or let them know your mobile, with a .MOBI domain.

(ex; )
Click here for a BLOGPOST.
Both of these have a special hosted page builder, similar to our
fast, simple, and economical 'Webpage Builder', a 5 page hosted page designer, with no additional costs necessary to be online. 
Start a Website Store, sell any product(s), and accept credit cards, paypal, etc....

You can always upgrade with more pages and services later if needed, is how to start a website.
All have an easy set up wizard to design your pages, and you start a website with interchangeable, pre-designed
templates, layouts, colors, images, and other design tools
to give you professional looking webpages in no time.
Or, experts can begin with a clean slate. It's the best, easiest, safest, and most cost effective way to start a website.

Don't be fooled by Free Websites or offers and trials from
other companies, they will lock you in at a higher price
soon. Compare Our Prices, you'll be back to start a
website with us, The Start A Website Company ©.

Other add-ons & upgrades when you start a website include;
For search engine optimization (SEO) -
1 or 100 addresses, See all our All Email Plans.
Security (SSL),
Site Secure License for encrypting personal and sensitive information to be sent safely over the internet.
Optional Registration types when you start a website:
Private, - Business, - Protected, - and Deluxe.

Our "Dream Design Team" service package includes
any type site "Web Designing", with custom graphics, artwork, characters, etc., to your specifications and liking.
The Illustration and Design teams can also help start a website with eCommerce Store  designing and maintenance, which is essential for larger stores, or
anybody who hasn't time.
Email Marketing, for keeping in touch with existing
customers, finding new ones. Start a website mailing list. 

Intensive, High traffic and gaming sites should consider VPS - Virtual Private Servers, to have more bandwidth,
better is Dedicated Servers

If your price shopping, looking to upgrade to better
service, or going to start a website anew,

You don't have to transfer your existing domains or account, to use our Premier DNS.
All items listed here can be used with your current host
server. (If you already did start a website!)

All Hosting Plans,
  for whatever your needs are, no matter
where you're registered.
Start a website from scratch.
A unique IP address on a single hosted account is a Dedicated IP
(internet protocol).
 Premium DNS, is for taking charge of your zone files,
and to always have access.
Speak their native language, even if you can't, with an
 Internationalized Domain Name. 
Gain confidence & trust from your visitors with a
Certified Domain  site seal. (cheap insurance to start a website, $3.00)

Fax thru EmailSite AnalyticsSite Protection,

 Code Signing Certificate,

Hosted Exchange Email,     Online File Folder,
There are many costs and options to consider when you start a website, you probably don't need all of them, and there's others, depending on what kind of plans you have,
business, personal, charity, local, browser, service/trade,
corporate, retail store, info, gallery, adult, a forum, videos,
a band, blog, podcast, etc..

You can also
check our  Full Product Catalog,
Host Server The Start A Website Company ©,
Domain Search & Registration.
Free 24/7 Support for all Start A Website Company
and for  Sales Help to all,  to make sure you
purchase the right products, set them up, and to answer all your questions, as long as it takes.
We never close. Open Holidays too.

1-480-624-2500   English and Spanish

Or go to our Help Center for FAQ's (Frequently Asked
Questions) and get advice about almost all phases of
how to start a website that will SCREAM above

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to 24-7 !

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Other notes about how to start a website here;
You can start a website in Any Language.
You can start a website from almost Any Country.
You can start a website using almost Any TLD Code.
You can start a website at Any Age, but please ask your parents first, for your safety.
You don't need any prior designing experience to start a website.
It's best to choose a Keyword Phrase Domain to start a website, if possible.

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